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air duct cleaning service in dubai:

Air duct cleaning is another of Smart Touch's specialties, and is critical to keeping your living and working space clean and healthy. Your air duct system can easily get clogged up with allergens, dust and dirt without you even realizing it. Your furnace or air conditioning won’t be able to breathe properly, and you may end recycling unhealthy airborne particles indoors. A skilled air duct cleaner with the right tools from STCS can quickly and efficiently get your ducts, and your air, cleaned up properly. You will use less power, increase the efficiency of your HVAC your system, and improve your air quality.

Call STCS today to discuss the ways we can make your home and office clean, healthy and happy!

Air Duct Cleaning Service in dubai
Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai AC Duct Cleaning Companies Dubai

Air Duct, Vents, Furnace, HVAC & Dryers – Not Just Cleaning, But Sanitizing Too!

Over the past 8 years SMART TOUCH Cleaning has the privilege of working with thousands of Dubai Area homeowners and businesses, gaining an understanding of the unique aspects of each building’s HVAC system. We are pleased that many of our clients return to us for repeat services such as air conditioning and furnace servicing. Not only do our current customers keep coming back for regular forced-air duct sweeping, our reputation has gained us many new customers through word-of-mouth.

Once you experience SMART TOUCH’s impeccable air duct purge service using our unique vacuum & sterilization equipment and procedure, you won’t have to worry about poor air quality in your home or workplace for at least a few years.

We also offer:

  • One-time, or yearly furnace servicing appointments available
  • Certified, insured and bonded service staff
  • Full service cleaning takes time depending on home size (like Studio Apartment 2-3 hours and so on)

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Air Duct Cleaning in Dubai

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Air Duct Cleaning Service Dubai