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As a dedicated cleaning business with a sharper focus on our customers' unique needs, we aim to deliver exemplary quality and enhance working environments.

We all want to work somewhere which is clean and tidy, where we feel safe and well looked after. Getting the balance between safety, level of risk and cleaning frequencies is important. Finding the best way to clean efficiently and with minimal damage to the environment is also vital.

Our work is underpinned by extensive networks of industry experts and resources. Our breadth of experience enables us to build replicable systems and processes, delivering efficiency and value to our customers. We provide a flexible labour force and local experience.

About Smart Touch Cleaning Services Dubai UAE
About Smart Touch Cleaning Services

Our solution is custom built based on your requirements, level of risk, budget and environment. We can advise on the most appropriate cleaning frequencies and consider further ways to increase efficiency, or suggest new methods which could provide better value.

We directly employ, paying fairly and recruiting based on our values. We educate and train our staff so that they know how to do their job safely, and that what they do is a part of your business succeeding. That builds a sense of purpose, so that they take pride in the work they deliver. This makes us different. We build a team that is part of your team, yet with the expertise and leadership from the Smart Touch Group.

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